ShareVDI cloud computing solution for Dazhou primary schools

 2022-04-24    PV:503

Background of the project  

Dazhou City, Sichuan Province, China has always attached great importance to education and has been actively promoting the construction of education informatization. However, the decentralized traditional PC management model not only affects the teaching efficiency, but also has various disadvantages such as poor data security and high management costs, which greatly hinder the development of education informatization. In order to improve the overall teaching quality of Dazhou City, more than ten primary and secondary schools in Dazhou City, including Wenxing Primary School, Wenxing Middle School, Shihe Middle School, Dazhu Middle School, and Dazhu Vocational Middle School, have been jointly upgraded and reconstructed, and replaced the original traditional PC by ShareVDI Thin Client.


Deployment Information

Project Name: The Primary and secondary schools in Dazhou City

Product model: K400C 2G RAM/16G SSD

Number of products: 915 units

Application software: Office software, browser, etc.


Project Benefits  

ShareVDI Thin Client has built cloud classrooms for more than ten primary and secondary school classrooms. Through centralized management and deployment, operation and maintenance work becomes more convenient, teachers can spend more time on teaching, and the teaching quality and management efficiency are improved. ShareVDI cloud computing solution provides an interactive mode for the classroom. Teachers can easily and conveniently complete the classroom activities through the management software functions, such as screen broadcasting, remote control, file transfer etc, which increases the interaction between teachers and students in teaching. ShareVDI cloud desktop solution not only make class smarter, but also effectively promotes the pace of informatization innovation in Dazhou city.


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