ShareVDI Thin Client K3 for University of TCM

 2022-04-02    PV:735

Project background  

Founded in 1956, Chengdu University of Traditional Chinese Medicine is one of the first four Chinese medicine colleges and universities in my country approved by the State Council. With the development of the university construction tasks, the university adopted ShareVDI IDV Desktop Virtualization Solution in September 2021 to deploy 15 classrooms.


Project information 

Project site: Chengdu University of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Product model: ShareVDI Thin Client K3-F14 (4G RAM/128G SSD)

Deployment quantity: 15 classrooms, a total of 750 seats

Application software: Microsoft office, Browser, Photoshop, Medical Examination System Software

Project feedback 

Combined with the desktop cloud management platform can not only meet the requirements of administrators for centralized management and maintenance of computers, but also for students, each student uses the performance of the local terminal, K3-F14 thin client completely to meet each student's requirements for desktop performance, each student can run web pages, design software and professional examination software smoothly at the same time, with a good user experience. The deployment of ShareVDI Cloud Desktop Virtualization Solution satisfies teaching and management needs while controlling costs, helps schools promote the construction of educational information, which have received good feedback from the university.


Project Site  

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