ShareVDI VOI Thin Client Solution for Guizhou Primary School

 2022-05-28    PV:560

Project Name 

Could classroom construction in Guizhou Center Primary School, China


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      Product Information

       Solution: ShareVDI Virtual Operating system Infrastructure

       Thin Client hardware: ShareVDI K3-F8, 4G RAM/128G SSD

       Software: Cloud Computing VOI Management software V2.0

       Deployment: 5 classrooms

       User Number: 50 seats per classroom, total 250 users

       Operating system: Windows 10

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ShareVDI VOI Thin Client Solution Overview

VOI is one of the cloud desktop computing solution uses diskless workstation mode. VOI thin client solution applies the architecture of centralized storage and distributed computing, which stores system data on the server side and runs the desktop on the user sides. Compare to IDV solution, VOI abandons the hardware virtualization layer, makes the desktop run completely on the local physical machine, and the system data is shared and stored on the server. When thin client starts, it obtains the system startup data from the server through network redirection technology. At the same time, the system cache can run locally and support offline operation, so that the running speed can completely maintain the experience of traditional desktop PC.


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