Industrial panel computer used for smart kitchen

 2022-03-25    PV:511

Smart kitchen, also known as "kitchen automation", uses the latest intelligent software, hardware and network technology to solve the problems of kitchen supervision and food safety management for various restaurants, schools, enterprises, and other organizations. Kitchen automation standardizes all procedures such as procurement, storage, processing, environment, recipes, and dining through advanced information technology and industrial management platforms; it introduces early warning and prompting functions in key links of food processing operations to detect and correct violations in time. The systematization achieves that food safety management has rules to follow and can be presented in an orderly manner; it makes kitchen management more intelligent, saves a lot of labor costs and improves service quality at the same time.

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Application requirements:

Through the management platform developed by customer, kitchen operator can achieve human-computer interaction, providing convenient services for the kitchen process and safety management. ShareVDI aims to provide an information system hardware platform for kitchen automation solutions, combining the internet of things, network technology and touch technology to realize kitchen automation management, so that kitchen operators can use industrial touch tablet computers to achieve information interaction. Due to the special use environment of the kitchen, such as oil stains, smoke, water, and glove touch, there are certain protection requirements for the structure and design of the industrial panel computer.

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Product Features:
●15.6’’/21.5’’ Rugged all in one PC with multiple point touchscreen that support glove touch

● IP 65 grade protection, stainless steel panel PC design with water and oil proof for the kitchen environment

● Fanless and lower power consumption for 7/24 hours working.

● Optional expansion 4G / LTE, and WIFI / Bluetooth wireless extension

● Optional embedded touch screen PC and panel mount PC design

● I/O interface: 4x USB, 1-2x GLAN, 1-2x COM, 1x HDMI, 1x VGA,1 audio.

● DC 12-36V voltage input supported


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