Industrial touch screen computer for Laser Cutting Machines

 2022-04-16    PV:464

Application introduction:

In recent years, laser cutting technology has developed very rapidly, with an annual growth rate of 15% to 20%. At the same time, with the development of the IoT, Industry 4.0, smart factories, factory automation and industrial automation, the laser industry, and other machine manufacturing industries have also reached a new level.

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System requirements in the application

The whole laser cutting machine system usually includes an industrial display touch screen fixed on the control panel or control cabinet, and a host. The operator uses a software application on the computer to control the laser to enter the surface of the target metal and achieve precise cutting. The laser cutting machine system will also require touch function for easy operation and friendly user interface. (some systems may also not require touch)

Considering the application environment, the machine needs to be suitable for large dust and metal fragments, vibration and swaying environment.

工控机方案切割机 插图3.jpgTherefore, the touch panel PC of laser cutting machine should have following characteristics:

1- Must choose industrial grade LCD touch screen computer to enhanced anti-interference and filtering function, which can resist high-power motor, servo and laser generator interference;

2- The touch panel PC has strong anti-interference ability that can be used in the environment of dust and metal powder; The touch panel PC also needs to be suitable for the environment where gloves are used (depending on the actual operation application);

3- The front panel of the touch screen computer needs to meet the IP65 waterproof and dustproof level to prevent dust, particle dirt and metal files from entering the display touch PC;

4- Simple installation method, customers need simple and safe installation, saving installation cost;

5- All the IO interfaces of the touch screen computer need stable plugs to avoid loss of connection in a vibrating and swaying environment.

ShareVDI Solution:

ShareVDI series industrial touch screen computer is good choice for laser cutting machines. The size of this industrial touch screen ranges from 10.4 inches to 21.5 inches, which perfectly meets the cutting software interface and control display touch interface, and to realize touch and display functions.

ShareVDI touch panel PC adopts high-strength box body and fixed plug, shock resistance, embedded installation is extremely simple to install into the control cabinet.

工控机方案切割机 插图4.jpg

ShareVDI industrial touch screen computer specifications:

1.10.4 inch to 21.5 inch LCD touch screen;

2.IP65 level protection, high-strength aluminium box structure;

3.Ultra-thin design, saving system cabinet space;

4.Solid power plug, support 12V-36V power input;

5.Support embedded installation and as well as VESA installation;

6. Multi-point (10 points) capacitive /resistive touch screen


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