The application of fanless industrial PC in building automation control system

 2021-12-16    PV:148


Building automation system, also known as BAS (Building Automation System), is a system for automatic monitoring, automatic control, automatic adjustment and automatic management of building electromechanical system.Through the building automation system, the safe, efficient, reliable and energy-saving operation of the building electromechanical management is realized. Building automation control is to centralized management of distributed control through uses computer distributed control system. Building automation includes: air conditioning and ventilation monitoring system, water supply and drainage monitoring system, lighting monitoring system, power supply monitoring system, elevator operation monitoring system, integrated security system, fire monitoring system and structured integrated wiring system.


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We can foresee that building automation in the future can penetrate into the attributes of smart intelligence, let automation enhance "wisdom", and let smart volume automation advance, thereby providing a foundation for the development of smart blocks and smart cities.


Application requirements:

This also means additional comfort, cost advantages, safety and energy efficiency when modern building system technology enables interconnection and communication. Standard KNX is the only globally recognized standard technology for building systems that is absolutely future-proof and can be adapted to new requirements at any time.

ShareVDI Technology cooperated with local European customers to provide industrial fanless mini PC control and system services for the building automation. According to the actual application requirements, the fanless industrial computer is used as a virtual server and pre-installed with characteristic industry system software. All house functions and many multimedia functions are networked and centrally controlled through KNX technology to realize the visualization of smart homes.


行业方案楼宇 插图2.jpgProduct demand:

According to the actual needs of application customers, we provide industrial fanless mini PC   for smart home applications, and configure a super server for smart home applications. This application puts forward requirements for the data processing capability, compact size, ultra-low power consumption design, fanless design, installation environment and application environment of the industrial control computer:

-A new generation of high-performance low-power processor;

-Long-term supply and iterative product support;

-Super mini size requirements for on-site rail installation;

-Fanless design, low power consumption design, in line with the on-site environment;

-Stable dual network design and other rich interfaces;


ShareVDI Solutions and Products:

According to customer application project communication and demand analysis, ShareVDI Technology provides standard product K6-F17H prototype for customer testing. K6-F17H is based on the low-power and high-performance Intel celeron platform with four cores and four threads N2940 processor, providing strong enough processing performance. At the same time, under load conditions, the power consumption will not exceed 10w, and the standard power consumption is about 7.5w; The whole machine adopts large-area heat dissipation profiles, fanless design,can work in the range of -20~+60C; It is quite mini and Din Rail industrial PC, support wall mounting ; Dual network port design, one for static IP and one for dynamic IP, using KNX protocol, K6-F17H can also access other systems that conform to KNX protocol.


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Product Features:

① Intel low-power high-performance four-core four-thread N2940 processor, main frequency 1.83Ghz, frequency hopping to 2.25Ghz;

② Super mini PC size 197.4mm*W 126.3mm*H 47.5mm ;

③ DDR3 memory, up to 8GB, hard disk supports 1 channel mSATA storage;

④ Fanless Mini computer with high-strength aluminum structure, impact resistance; 

⑤ Gigabit network with dual Intel chips, 4 high-speed USB3.0, optional Wi-Fi, 3G/4G expansion;

⑥ Optional wall mounting and Din rail installation;

⑦ Extendable 1-4 RS232/485 ports;

⑧ DC 12V power supply, support wide range voltage to ensure stable power supply.



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