ShareVDI industrial all in one PC used in automatic production line

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With the development of control technology, computer, communication, network and other information technologies, the information interaction and communication is rapidly covering all from the device layer of the factory to the control and management layers. Industrial control system generally refers to automation tools (including automatic measuring instruments and control devices) for measuring, and industrial production control processes and electromechanical equipment and process equipment.

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ShareVDI cooperates with a famous domestic manufacturer to use IoT technology, control technology, industrial computing technology, industrial communication and network information technology to coordinate various operation points, covering the plant field equipment layer to the control process and management layers. The industrial computing system realizes automatic control and human-machine interaction, provides accurate & real-time data interaction, and facilitates the management and implementation of producers and operators.

Product Requirement:

In the intelligent manufacturing field, how to provide real-time and accurate production data for managers and operators, and how to achieve effective and rapid human-computer interaction has been the key point of production automatic line implementation. In order to further realize the efficiency and long-term stability of the automated production line, how to choose an industrial computing system is the primary problem in the implementation of automated production lines. The decision-maker often needs to consider the computing power (CPU capability) of the industrial computer, and does it need touchscreen? If so what type of touchscreen is good? How to make sure the industrial computer work reliably and steadily in an automatic production environment? What IO interfaces of the computer it need and how to connect ? Also, how to ensure the product lifetime and future maintenance work etc.

ShareVDI solution& product:

For intelligent manufacturing application, ShareVDI specializes in industrial Embedded computer and industrial all in one PC products. Combined with the actual needs of the automatic production line, ShareVDI introduces our industrial designed capacitive touch Panel PC A15 model to this application. Based on Intel low-power, high-computing, Intel celeron J1900 /i3/i5/i7 processor, adopts our modular design concept and a high-strength aluminum-magnesium alloy chassis. It uses a large-area finned heat sink thermal design to ensure a solid structure and long-term reliability. The 21.5-inch widescreen Full HD and accurate algorithm EETI touch controller touchscreen, true flat and narrow frame structure design, can achieve front panel IP65 protection standard. The ShareVDI A15 has been widely used in production automation, MES system, industrial automation, chemical and spraying workshop and other applications. 

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A15 Industrial All in one PC features:

· Intel low power & high computing, Intel quad core J1900/core i3/i5/i7 processor, ensure long-term stable using and power saving;

· DDR3 memory, max up to 8GB capacity, support 1* 2.5” SATA and 1* mSATA storage;

· High strength metal structure, with rugged body structure and anti-shock;

· 15.6” widescreen, LED backlight, Full HD 1920*1080, 16:9 ratio, for better display;

· Excellent EETI touch control solution, multi 10 points touch, stable and precise touch control;

· Dual Intel Gigabite LAN and 2* COM ports available, 4* USB (1*USB3.0), optional with Wi-Fi / 4G module expansion;

· Wide DC 12~36v power input, stable power input.

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