ShareVDI Industrial PC F17H used in Automatic Material Inspection

 2022-09-17    PV:1176

Vision Inspection, a branch of artificial intelligence that is rapidly developing, is to use machines to replace human eyes for measurement and judgment. Applying vision Inspection technology to the field of industrial automation can greatly improve production efficiency and production quality by replacing artificial vision under conditions that artificial intelligence cannot meet the requirements. Especially in product testing, this technology has matured.



A successful Case that ShareVDI Industrial PC used in Automatic Material Inspection in China:

Product Configuration

Name: Industrial PC

Model: K5-F17H

Processor: Intel Core i5 5300U

Memory: 8GB RAM

Storage: 64GB SSD


OS: Windows 7

Installation: Embedded

End-User Environment: The industrial computer is connected to two monitors, runs the test software, connects to the test card, detects the part number, sorts the qualified or NG part number, and displays the result on the right display.



Automatic optical inspection is a high-speed, high-precision automated optical image inspection technology that uses machine vision as a standard inspection technology. When the equipment is automatically detected, it is controlled by the computer system, and the camera automatically scans and collects the object image, and transmits it to a special graphics processing unit for digital signal conversion and feature extraction, and compares it with the qualified parameters in the database. The result of the recognition controls the movement of the object in the scene. Because this method has the advantages of automation, non-contact, high speed, high precision and high stability, it has been widely used in LCD/TFT, transistor and PCB industrial processes. 


Based on the actual demand for machine vision systems in the application of modern industrial automation industry, ShareVDI has developed an embedded hardware solution for machine vision equipment, which can provide basic support for the operation of automatic optical inspection equipment.


The main technical characteristics of the embedded industrial computer F17H for Vison Inspection equipment are as follows:

1. The industrial PC F17H is with Intel processors, providing powerful CPU computing capabilities;

2. Support multi-channel HDMI, VGA display interface output, support high-resolution display;

3. Optional memory/SSD capacity;

4. Multi-port design, support Gigabit Ethernet/WiFi/3G/4G network, with flexible network application environment;

5. Rich I/O function interface design, with complete and flexible expansion performance, easy system integration;

6. Support watchdog function, support software and hardware to start automatically when power on;

7. Adapt to Windows 7, Windows 10, Windows 11,Linux and other operating systems;



Built in strict accordance with industrial-grade standards, it is shock-resistant, dust-proof, and can operate stably under various conditions such as wide temperature and complex electromagnetic environments.


In addition, from computer hardware to operating system, product driver, security software, whether it is single-board development or complete system, ShareVDI can be customized for customers on demand to meet the individual application needs of customers in different industries.


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