17inch industrial panel pc apply to Iraq hospital Date:2019/08/16     Views:2

Apply to Thailand computer lab Date:2019/03/15     Views:125

We offer Zero Client R1 pro for computer labSuccessful case in Thailand,Country: Thailand,Total number deployed: 21 users in one COMPUTER LAB with one serverApplications: Microsoft Office, Dreamweaver, PhotoShop and so onProduct Model: Zero Client R1 ProS

Thin Client Solution
Apply to Guang'an Jingshan High School Date:2018/09/10     Views:101

We offer client hardware for Desktop virtualization Solution

Zero Client Solution
Apply to XianYang QiDi Primary School Date:2018/07/26     Views:106

Application Area: Computer lab in XianYang QiDi Primary School Number Required: 50 students/computer lab,5 computer labs required. Performance Required: 1080P Online Video display,Server Cluster Central Management,Broadcast etc.

Multimedia classroom
Apply to Middle School Date:2017/11/14     Views:170

Application Area: The multi-media classroom of one Middel SchoolModel: Zero Client X6NSolution: VMWARE workstation 6.0SolutionGuest System: Windows 10 Pro 64 bitServer CPU: XEON E5Server RAM: 32GUser Requirement: Playing the website video,surfing the Web,

 Digital Signage
Applied to Digital Signage Date:2016/01/21     Views:262

Model K600 is the most cost-effective solution for digital signage,with only 1/3 PC’s cost,K600 can run windows OS alone,it is very easy to use and intuitive.

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