Reg readers speak out on Thin Client technology Date:2016/05/21     Views:92

Managing PC estates is a time-consuming, expensive and thankless task. Better provisioning and management tools can obviously help, but implementing one or more of the various forms of desktop virtualisation available nowadays may also be beneficial.

Zero Client – Advantages and Limitations Date:2016/03/30     Views:475

What isZero Client?You maybe familiar with athin clientused indesktop virtualization. There is also something called as Zero Client, also used in desktop virtualized scenarios. In a Zero Client – unlike a thin client – there is no CPU, no local storage, n

EECS Debuts New "Thin Client" Lab for Students! Date:2016/03/16     Views:86

EECS Information Systems Group (ISG) is debuting their "Thin Client" lab for EECS students.

New Cloud Technology Comes Into Classroom. Date:2015/09/25     Views:69

Nowadays,more and more virtual desktop products are coming into classroom.Aims tosave cost at maximum,SHAREVDI thin client offer thecustomized solution for education exclusively.Schools around the world use thin client solutions to provide computer access

Thin Client;VDI
What is Thin Client? Date:2015/09/21     Views:770

What is a Thin Client?A thin client is a computing device that’s connected to a network. Unlike a typical PC or"fat client" that has the memory, storage and computing power to run applications and perform computing tasks on its own, a thin clien

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